Onan01.Onan.Com Engineering Drawing Vault has been DECOMMISSIONED.

Below is the MUST DO action in order to get access to the PowerGen Drawing Released Data system.  The PowerGen Drawing Library setup provides access to the same data that was in the Onan01 Drawing Vault.

PowerGen Online Drawing Library - Helpdesk Ticket Process

The procedure below provides information for requesting access to the PowerGen Online Drawing Library. 

This procedure is documented for targeted Cummins Distributors requesting access to the PowerGen Online Drawing Library. 

If there are any questions regarding this procedure, send an email to PGBU.EIT@notes.cummins.com.

Procedure Steps:

  1. Call the Cummins IT Helpdesk at 1-877-377-4357
  2. Request to have access to the below Network Share

Share Name:     US.FRI.CPG_I_SalesAndMarketing_Onan01_Read Group

Server Path:      \\PGAXSUTIL01\US.FRI.CPG\LocalSharedFolders

Folder Name:    SalesAndMarketing_Onan01

CLICK HERE for a downloadable copy of this Process for Requesting Access to the PowerGen Drawing Library